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If you’ve been to Nam Bac Hang, you know Yuge. Yuge was born in Meizhou where he met his wife, Qing. Herbal medicine is literally in his blood, passed down from his grandfather. Yuge’s Grandfather was the first generation of herbal doctors in the family working in Vietnam with Dr. Long’s father who first opened Nam Bac Hang. When Yuge and Qing moved to Chicago in 2004, Nam Bac Hang was passed down to them from Dr. Long. When he’s not at work (which is rare), Yuge will likely be found at the tea table, hosting friends and telling stories.

Favorite ProductYin Qiao Granule

Languages spoken

English, 中文 (CN), 中文 (HK), 客家话



Qing has a smile like sunshine and heart overflowing with hospitality. She treats Nam Bac Hang like an extension of her home and her customers as old friends she cares deeply for. When she’s not behind the cash register, she’s likely cooking something healthy and delicious.

Favorite ProductEagle Brand Oil

Languages spoken

English, 中文 (CN), 中文 (HK), 客家话



Lucy was born and raised in Tianjin before coming to Chicago with her husband and two kids. Having studied hospitality at university and worked a number of years at a distinguied resort, she is every bit the maitre d’hotel of Nam Bac Hang. There isn’t a product she doesn’t know, nor a customer she doesn’t recognize.

Favorite ProductNin Jiom Pei Pa Koa

Languages spoken

English, 中文 (CN)


Herbal Pharmacist

Li too is from southern China and is kind of like our store matriarch. The walls of Nam Bac Hang are filled with shelves and jars teeming with over 900 raw herbs, each of which she knows intimately. These herbs are like an artist’s palette to Li and if you’ve come into the shop, you’ve likely seen her meticulously preparing vibrant herbal perscriptions. Aside from her work at Nam Bac Hang, Li is also a proud mother of four.

Favorite ProductMugwort Pain-Relieving Patch (Deity America)

Languages spoken

中文 (CN), 中文 (HK), 客家话


Website Manager

Nicky was born and raised in Chicagoland and began coming to the shop over five years ago to learn about herbal medicine, enjoy tea with Yuge, and cuddle with Tiger, the store cat. Since then, he’s begun formally studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and now manages the store website. When he isn’t working at Nam Bac Hang he serves as a pastor at his local church in Bridgeport.

Favorite ProductHerbal Soups Series

Languages spoken

English, Español, Français, Deutsch, 中文 (CN)


Herbal Pharmacist

Xin is an adventurer. She came to Chicago from northern China and taught herself Cantonese and English. At Nam Bac Hang, she’s our jack-of-all-trades: restocking the shelves, preparing herbal formulas, working the cash register, cooking lunch, advising customers or organizing storage. If there’s a task that needs to be done, she’s up for the challenge. When she’s not at work she’s likely at home studying language or relaxing with family.

Favorite ProductFoot Bath Products

Languages spoken

English, 中文 (CN), 中文 (HK)


Herbal Pharmacist

Like many who make up Chicago’s Chinese population, Zhen was born in Toisan, bringing a rich history and deep sense of community. She is regularly working behind the scenes, organizing stock, cooking lunch, or tidying up around the shop. Though she isn’t often seen on the sales floor, she plays an integral role in maintaining the well-kept face of Nam Bac Hang.

Favorite ProductTong Xue Wan

Languages spoken

中文 (CN), 中文 (HK)

Clinic Team

Long Huynh

Founder & Licesned Acupuncturist

Long was born in Vietnam to a second generation TCM doctor, his father, Van Luc Huynh. After the war broke out, Long’s family became refugees in Minneapolis where he grew up and continued to learn from his father’s practice. After moving to Chicago, he took over ownership and management of his father’s store, Nam Bac Hang, and later studied acupuncturist becoming the third generation of herbal doctors in a living legacy. When he isn’t working, Long loves to laugh with friends and family over tea and conversations about culture, religion, and the meaning of life.

Languages spokenEnglish, tiếng Việt, 中文 (CN), 中文 (HK), 客家话

Guang Huynh

Acupuncture Healing Center Operations Manager

Nam Bac Hang has been Guang’s second home since birth. He grew up in the shop and worked with his dad, Dr. Long, and uncle, Yuge. After having studied computer sciences in college, helped open and operates the Acupuncture Clinic next door. He has since graduated with a master’s in oriental medicine, becoming the fourth generation of herbal doctors in the family.

Languages spokenEnglish, 中文 (CN), 中文 (HK)

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